More productive: WebApps hosting and server apps.

Scheyern, Germany

More Productive: WebApps Hosting and Server Applications.
To provide more productive services to hosting customers, we are making changes to our WebApps and virtual server products. In the near future there will be no automatic installation of applications (like WordPress, Typo3,…) for webapps. Also the application directory will end in the next weeks.

The Onclickapps for virtual servers will be extended and more in the focus. There will be installations like WordPress. 

– WebApps change product information and apps
– Remove pre-install function
– Updating the OnClick services for servers

About Business Analytics/Intelligence
The service “BI” Business Intelligence, which was provided as a separate webapp with its own pricing, remains available as a separate application.

Packages and installations
It will also be possible to download various applications such as WordPress, Typo etc. from a directory. Here, appropriate software solutions for the installation of WebApps will be available.

These changes will be implemented immediately and completed by the end of July 2019. 


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