The next Generation: CMS 4.

Scheyern, Germany

We are excited to announce the next generation of our cloud management website, the Cloud Management Suite. The fourth generation of the new platform offers comprehensive solutions for hosting and cloud services.

This is part of our strategy # NextGen2019, where we will introduce some new solutions as well as make major changes in our company.

The perfectly optimized software for PC, tablet and smartphone offers a new intuitive operation, clear settings and pleasant work.
Here we have taken over some functions from the previous edition but also introduced extensive changes. This includes:

– Completely newly developed interface
– Individual user design selection
– Login directly via eMail (instead of userid)
– …

We have a large list of new features that we will be releasing piece by piece within the next two months. The general development of the platform will also continue steadily, we are currently planning weekly updates.

Through the development of the pre-editions, we have learned a lot and have implemented this in the best possible way in the new generation. We also listened to your feedback, which is exactly what we are still focused on. We kindly ask you to pass on your suggestions!
At first, you still have the option of switching to the old platform after login. However, some functions are no longer possible, this function will only be available at short time.

If you discover errors or functions do not work properly, we apologize and ask you to inform us of this error.

In conclusion, we hope that you agree with the changes and are happy to be open to further suggestions.


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