Whitepaper – Business Mail

Business Mail is a professional eMail Exchange Service, optimized for small and middle-class company’s, startups and organisations up to 1.000 Mailboxes.

EU Member States (euro area), DSGVO/GDPR ready.


Server location
EU Only, Ireland and Germany

Exchange business mailboxes with ActiveSync and IMAP connection to current eMail clients. Also web-access. Mailbox with 50GB of storage. There are up to 1.000 mailboxes available each domain.
Also eMail-groups available with up to 10 members.
The domain has to be managed with the mdct Cloud, external domains are not available.
Resizing of the mailbox is not possible.
Note also our technical limits.

For customers which are currently using our Basic-Mailox service, we provide a migration service.

Each mailbox 5€/month
Each group 1€/month (follow Q2 2019)
Setup for each domain 3€

Term and payment of 12 month

Migration service 20€, each mailbox