Whitepaper – WPManagement


With WordPress Management, we offer a service that automatically updates your WordPress page at regular intervals. Here it is independent of whether the WordPress website is operated by us or on another platform. All you have to do is enter the URL and create a user with update authorization on your website.
Each update is first checked by us for functionality (no liability and warranty), then we begin to install it on the systems. It may happen that your website is not immediately (maximum 30 days) behind an update. Critical updates are preferred. The update service can be suspended manually at any time. However, the service will still be charged.


EU Member States (euro area), DSGVO/GDPR ready.



Server Location



Working as describe above.
The service “WP Hosting” includes the WP Update Management and WebApps Basic as hosting environment.
WP Update Management 10€ / Year
WP Hosting 30€ / Year
No setup fee
12 month runtime