WordPress Management – FAQ

What services are available?
We carry out updates of your WordPress page itself, as well as the most used plugins and keep them up to date.

Which plugins are additionally updated?
An exact list of supported applications can be found here >

What does the update process look like?
As soon as new editions are available, we install them in a test-environment to test their functionality. As soon as this is done, the update will be released for the customer systems.

When will I receive the update?
We start rolling out new updates on the 20th of every month. Between the 20th and the last day of the month the updates are installed on the customer systems. Therefore, it can happen that a web page briefly indicates that new updates are available. Should an update close a serious security gap or be a pure security update, it will be distributed to the customer systems much faster.

How do I activate or set up WordPress Hosting?
Information about the setup can be found here >

Can I suspend updates?
In the Cloud Management Suite you have the possibility to deactivate the update process for your site, but this can take up to 48 hours. As soon as you reactivate it, all missing updates will be activated in the next update wave on your site. It is not possible to deactivate a single update.